ISO 15500

The prices of petroleum based fuels are rising again and that is why many vehicles are being converted to use alternative fuel especially CNG - Compress Natural Gas, making the vehicle to become NGV - Natural Gas Vehicle
There are atleast 5 million Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) running on the roads in the world today.
Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) uses fuel which is called CNG or Compressed Natural Gas, the pressure which fills up the CNG cylinder is usually 200bar/3000psi or 250bar/3600psi depending on the country or facility specific standard or requirements. Several countries follows the ISO 15500 standard for components related to CNG use. There are several sub-standards for ISO 15500 which has been classified by the International Standard Organization as follows:

  • Part 1: General requirements and definitions
  • Part 2: Performance and general test methods
  • Part 3: Check valve
  • Part 4: Manual valve
  • Part 5: Manual cylinder valve
  • Part 6: Automatic valve
  • Part 7: Gas injector
  • Part 8: Pressure indicator
  • Part 9: Pressure regulator
  • Part 10: Gas-flow adjuster
  • Part 11: Gas/air mixer
  • Part 12: Pressure relief valve (PRV)
  • Part 13: Pressure relief device (PRD)
  • Part 14: Excess flow valve
  • Part 15: Gas-tight housing and ventilation hose
  • Part 16: Rigid fuel line
  • Part 17: Flexible fuel line
  • Part 18: Filter
  • Part 19: Fittings
  • Part 20: Rigid fuel line in material other than stainless steel

CNG cylinder valve and components manufacturers

Here is the list of some CNG components manufacturers which the product complies with ISO 15500 (no official confirmation has been made)

    Cylinder valve
  • Voltran
  • OMB
  • Gaspetro
  • ...

    CNG pressure regulator
  • Voltran
  • OMVL
  • Landi Ronzo
  • ...

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